Baby Sunbird fledglings leave nest

baby sunbird

Male yellow bellied sunbird with catch of the day

male sunbird does not stop catching food for babies

found lost sunbird chick

worried female sunbird looking for lost chick

found lost sunbird chick looking happy

sunbird looking for lost chick

Saving sunbird baby

Baby sunbird











It was exciting to watch the Baby Sunbird fledglings leave their nest, which was their home for the past 3 weeks.

I even helped the smaller of the baby sunbird to survive as it was just too week to fly across the road to join its larger sibling in the staging tree.

The night before there was a big storm that dumped lots of rain in our neighborhood


All the while both sunbird parents kept catching spiders and feeding the babies

The Yellow Bellied Baby Sunbird fledgling feeding and preening for its fledgling flight is a dangerous time for the baby sunbirds as their wings and feathers are still to be “formed”



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1 thought on “Baby Sunbird fledglings leave nest

  1. Soooooooooooo cute, Beautiful story. Did the baby survive. Thank you for the video. Merry Christmas

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