The 10 Day Trax2 Dinosaur trail itinerary starting from Innisfail, plus the Innisfail dinosaur trail map will make your dinosaur discoveries that much better and easier too.

Day 1: Innisfail to Hughenden = 6 hr 13 min (556.8 km) via State Route 62
Overnight in Hughenden.

Day 2: Hughenden to Muttaburra = 2 hr 30 min (210.0 km) via State Route 19 (sealed/unsealed road)
Muttaburra to Longreach = 1 hr 17 min (121.3 km) via Cramsie Muttaburra Rd
Overnight in Longreach.

Day 3: Longreach, free day to wonder around.

Day 4: Longreach to Opalton Bush Park (Opalton Rd, Opalton QLD 4735) 2 hr 2 min (175.0 km) via Longreach Silsoe Rd.
Opalton Bush Park to Opalton & Lark Quarry Conservation Park (however there are 2 routes so listed below)
Top/North = 1 hr 32 min (124km)
Bottom/South = 1 hr 53 min (134km)
As a result a overnight stop at Opalton Bush Park

Day 5: Opalton Bush Park

Day 6: Opalton Bush Park to Winton = 1 hr 31 min (116.8 km) via Opalton Rd
Winton to Richmond = 2 hr 36 min (228.7 km) via Landsborough Hwy/A2 and Richmond Winton Rd
So an overnight stay in Richmond is ideal.

Day 7: Richmond to Hughenden = 1 hr 16 min (115.2 km) via Flinders Hwy/A6
Hughenden to Porcupine Gorge National Park = 42 min (64.4 km) via State Route 62
Overnighting in Porcupine Gorge National Park you will need to book ahead

Day 8: Porcupine Gorge National Park

Day 9: Porcupine Gorge National Park to Innot Hot Springs = 4 hr 9 min (382.3 km) via Kennedy Developmental Rd/State Route 62
Overnight at the Innot Hot Springs for a relaxing hot bath before heading back to Innisfail or Cairns.

Day 10: Innot Hot Springs to Innisfail = 1 hr 22 min (112.6 km) via National Route 1 and State Route 25

Download more info on Innisfail and Cassowary Coast maps

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