Innisfail Art Deco Capital of FNQ

Innisfail Art Deco Buildings makes it the Capital of FNQ

Innisfail Art Deco Tour

Innisfail Art Deco Buildings around its CBD makes it one of Australia’s largest concentration of art deco buildings with examples of Spanish, Sicilian, Moroccan, Italian and Anglo Saxon art deco design facades.

Buildt in the 1920s the Art Deco style of building design swept through the major cities of the world changing the facades of places like Paris and Miami and even parts of Melbourne and Sydney.

Ornate was out and long lines, geometric shapes, and symbols of progress were in.

The architectural style of the town is an aesthetic that can be attributed to a devastating cyclone in 1918 which destroyed a lot of the buildings that were made out of timber and corrugated iron, resulting in rebuilding in concrete to ‘cyclone-proof’ Innisfail and art deco was in vogue at the time.

Between the First and Second World Wars, art deco was very popular around the world and it now gives us a major point of difference, thus making Innisfail unique with buildings that are all different, unlike the not normal square concrete blocks.

Innisfail is a very multicultural town which can be seen in the Art Deco architecture. Examples of the multiculturalism of the town in the different styles of Art Deco like Spanish, Sicilian, Moroccan, and the Italian facades.

Good samples are in the main streets of Edith and Rankin, examples that display all the glory of French, Spanish, Italian, Moroccan and Anglo-Saxon Art deco designed facades.

These international influences are a tribute to the colourful and multi-cultural past of the Innisfail and the Cassowary Coast region.

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