What to see and do around Kurrimine Beach

Kurrimine Beach 克里迈海滩 is famous for been the only town and beach that is in walking distance to “The Great Barrier Reef”.

So the first thing you need to do before you even set foot onto Kurrimine Beach is look at a tide chart, as you want to visit when the tide is low low low. To be more precise time your visit when the low tide drops below 0.3 metres.

That way you will be able to walk out to King Reef which is the closest part of any Great Barrier Reef to the mainland (coast of Australia).

King Reef

King Reef is the major attraction at Kurrimine Beach and is a quiet and long sandy beach that runs along side King Reef, along the beach chances are good for seeing manta rays trawling the beach shallows and turtles coming in to nest.

There is a children’s playground and picnic barbecue facilities at Taifalos Park and during the summer months a stinger net enclosure too.

Beachfront camping is available or choose from a resort, award-winning caravan parks, motel and holiday rentals.

In the area, there is Murdering Point Winery, beachfront hotel, cafes, a fish and chip shop, post office and a service station with limited groceries.

Want more things to see and do at Kurrimine Beach see this list below…

Kurrimine Beach Horse Rides
Kurrimine Beach National Park
Murdering Point Winery
Tully ‘s giant Gum Boot
Clump Mountain National Park Garners Beach 4.4 km away

Further afield, there is…

Mission Beach Mission Beach 10.0 km away
Mission Beach Dunk Island Water Taxi Wongaling Beach 13.5 km away

Kurrimine Beach mapKurrimine Beach is just half an hour south of Innisfail closer to Tully and Mission Beach and because of its coastal location sits in a rain shadow area which means the area receives much less rain than surrounding areas, which if you did not know are clasified as the wetest towns & places in Australia, especially Tully.

Spotting old beach tractors, “every man and his dog” seems to have one, as they are needed to launch boats from the tidal boat ramp at the northern end of the beach.

Kurrimine Beach is a favourite fishing spot for locals and visitors where anglers have a choice of beach, estuary or reef fishing. Abundant species of fish and the famous painted crayfish are just waiting a couple of hundred metres offshore.

There’s an all tide boat ramp close by at Maria Creek. This community has the largest fishing club in Queensland and holds a fishing competition each September that attracts more than 700 participants.

The Barnard Island Group National Park is close by and comprises seven islands Bresnahan, Hutchinson, Jessie, Kent and Lindquist (North Barnard islands) and Sisters and Stephens (South Barnard islands).

Snorkel straight from the small sandy beaches over beautiful coral to see colourful fish, turtles and maybe a dugong. This area is a green zone so no fishing is allowed.

2 thoughts on “Kurrimine Beach 克里迈海滩

  1. Just gorgeous and my favourite Beach in Australia
    Kurrimine Beach is a great place to walk, overlooking kings reef, collect seashells, walk your dog, swim, see marine life such as green turtles, fish, and crabs. A Beautiful pristine beaches, with coconuts lying about, drift wood to make fires at night to watch the sunsets, beach fishing and dozens of tropical birds…

    The perfect place to relax. Half hour to shops for groceries our to sight see. Fantastic place

  2. Love this place, We come to Kurrimine Beach every Christmas holidays. Great beach and the closest reef just within walking distance when the tides are low. We’ll be back next year!

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