Mourilyan harbour and port

Mourilyan harbour The Mourilyan harbour with its natural port mainly exports raw sugar and molasses from the Innisfail, Babinda, Tully and Atherton Tableland sugar growing areas.

The Mourilyan Port includes onshore sugar and molasses handling and storage amenities with a single sugar conveyor belt loader over the road across the wharf.

The port is situated in the mouth of one of the most sheltered natural harbour’s in the Far North Queensland right on the Cassowary Coast.

cassowary coast map

Free Cassowary Coast Map

Just south of Innisfail and about 100 kilometres south of Cairns, making it a must see “attraction, man-made and natural” that visitors to the area must do.

At the port there is a brand new state-of-the-art stockpile facility which facilitated the export of iron ore from a neighborhood mine, with the primary destination been Southern China..

The port also has the capacity for regional livestock export facilities with the added capability of developing into new medium-bulk cargo ventures and exports.

innisfail map

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