Jaboticaba fruit is the FNQ Tree Cherry

Exotic Jaboticaba fruit (FNQ Tree Cherry) Jaboticaba Fruit Tree or  Myrciaria Cauliflora Another Cassowary Coast exotic fruit is the jaboticaba fruit tree, a slow-growing bush native to southern Brazil. Just

Mourilyan harbour and port

The Mourilyan harbour with its natural port mainly exports raw sugar and molasses from the Innisfail, Babinda, Tully and Atherton Tableland sugar growing areas. The Mourilyan Port includes onshore sugar and

Kurrimine Beach 克里迈海滩

What to see and do around Kurrimine Beach Kurrimine Beach 克里迈海滩 is famous for been the only town and beach that is in walking distance to “The Great Barrier Reef”. So

Saving the cassowary

In FNQ saving the cassowary is an important awareness So when visiting FNQ (Far North Queensland) and driving around the region all drivers need to “Be Cassowary Aware” and lookout

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