Relaxing at the Innot Hot Springs

Relaxing at the Innot Hot Springs is a great way to spend a long weekend from Innisfail or Cairns…

As the Innot hot springs is a real pure and natural mineral hot springs positioned between Ravenshoe and Mt Garnet on the Kennedy Highway see eMap below. The hot springs of Nettle Creek have long been established as rejuvenating and therapeutic and the water was even bottled and shipped to Europe 100 years in the past. Mules hauled the water over the Cardwell Vary all the way in which to Townsville, the place it was bottled on the Innot Cordial Manufacturing facility.

Be warned that they weren’t referred to as scorching springs by chance (they’re as much as 75 levels Celsius) but its very relaxing at the Innot Hot Springs.

Relaxing at the Innot Hot SpringsSections of the creek are actually scorching – in reality, near boiling level – and may severely burn your pores and skin. In the event you want to bathe right here, use the swimming pools close to the Sizzling Springs Village or ask recommendation there on the place cooler water is.

Subsequent door is the spas and swimming pools of the Sizzling Springs Village. There are seven swimming pools to benefit from the water, all at totally different temperatures.

You can find it relaxing at the Innot Hot Springs Leisure Park with its choice of six thermal mineral swimming pools.

There are good camp/tenting areas and a wide range of lodging.


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Note that the relaxing Innot hot springs can not really be called luxurious accommodation however it is an affordable camping place for the whole family.

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There are powered and unpowered flat campsites that look up at the abundant stars.

Siting right on the hot spring creek where the Park gets its hot water from. Innot Hot Springs is a great place for kids with its different temperature swimming pools that you can swim in all night long.

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