Don’t miss the chance in seeing a real Cassowary

Etty Bay is where you can go to for seeing a real Cassowary…

The Cassowary festival in Mission Beach has been held for a number years to bring awareness to the people and especially the visitors driving around to slow down as this helps save cassowaries.

seeing a real Cassowary

Cassowaries are very important animals in the Far North Queensland because they are the ones that the rain forest depends on for it’s Survival.

In other words without the cassowaries the oldest rain forest in the world which is in Australia will not be able to survive therefore it is very important that we make people aware saving the rainforest you need to save the cassowaries first.

And that is exactly what happened at the Cassowary festival Mission Beach.

During the festival we learnt how cassowary poo is the mainstay of rain forests twitch poster says it all.

Cassowary poo turns into rain forest.

Cassowaries are also endangered because of attack by wild dogs and visitors driving cars and SUVs running into them.

Lots are involved in accidents with vehicles.

So it is important for all of us to tell locals and visitors alike when visiting and driving around the Mission Beach areas and for that matter around the Far North Queensland rainforests, look at the signs and slow down in need to.

A good place to actually see wild cassowaries is at a place called at Etty Bay, and you can find out more about saving the cassowaries and how to get to Etty Bay with the Free Trax2 Cassowary Coast map.

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